My Pillow Pack

Our World

The World is your Playground!!!

Your Memories, Your Travels, Your Dreams

Can and Will Take you where you want them to!


The World is your Playground – See it – Love it – Enjoy it with someone you love. My Travels with my family have been all over, My Memories always bring joy and a smile , My Dreams are my future travel and memories !!!

Our Story

Throughout the years of traveling, sporting events, girl scouts, with my children I noticed how inconvenient it was for them to bring their pillows with them, they were big bulky, hard to carry, especially when you had your hands full. With the help of my girls we created the My Pillow Pack when we discovered their was an easier way to carry your pillow hands free. Now you are able to carry that bit of comfort from home while you travel.

Our Mission

Our goal is for you to have an easy way to travel with your pillow. We want you to be able to have a piece of home with you while you are out seeing the world. We want you to be able to take your pillow with you on your travels, to make memories, and to rest your head on to have your dreams. To remember the world is your playground, you can go anywhere, be anything you dream.

Why a My Pillow Pack?

It is a fun and stylish way to carry your pillow. It is a necessity to have your own pillow when traveling for a good nights sleep. Our fabrics are fun, sturdy, stylish and you can personalize them. It is easy to wash and maintain. It is convenient and light weight, along with having room for a throw, or favorite stuffed animal to keep you company. It makes it easy for you to have a piece of home with you while you travel.